Saturday, 16 June 2018

Calm and comfort

Many of you have wondered why now.   It just clicked and that evening Monday it clicked,   timing was right.

I saw my GP this weekend we have a lot of questions of how this looks like.   .  I am told it will be calm and peaceful.  No pain and floating feeling.  

I am still concious,  comfortable. 
1 week to 5 weeks is life expectancy.

For now I take in nature and as family visitors as I can handle this weekend. 


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Big decisions

I've made the decision to medically remove my bionic women artificial care of TPN.
It's been a hard decision but eveyone has told me I would know when it's time and it's time.  
I will get weaker and will die over who knows how much time.  Terrifying,  exciting,  calm,  confusing, and everywhere inbetween.
Lots of love out to you now.   Know my family need time and space right now.   We appreciate you thoughts and prayers!
Love,  love love love,  all we need is 💞

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Gone and done it again....

I've done it.  Signed up as a virtual team captain for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

In 2015 I did the ride.  We were lucky enough to have CTV do a special on team Strong Spirit.  Check out our video here!

In 2017 I signed up but in May they found the cancer had grown back leaving me unable to ride last summer but I cheered like crazy from the sidelines!

I'm excited to participate as the virtual team Captain this year. We have two other team members as of now. My goal is to get as many riders involved and donors as possible!  This is something I can do from my lawn chair!

Anyone interested in riding can sign up here.  Or please consider donating to team Strong Spirit here. Consider donating to other team members as they require the funds to actually ride.

Thank you for supporting team Strong Spirit!!!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Slow your life down

What do you do when you can't sleep at 6 am and the whole house is sleeping?!   You blog.

It's amazing when you become "stuck" close to home.   You find things to do.   My garden has never been healthier,  daily trending & watering,  a new found obsession which beautifies and brings  joy to my life in a whole different way.

I've had amazing people come to me for visits while I lounge in the sunshine.   Friends for stop in's,  playdates, chair yoga with older neighbor (good for both of us) and just getting to know neighbors that unfortunately in the past I have not slowed down enough to get to know.  There is an amazing gift in strengthening a local bond that wasn't there before.   Favours offered and recieved as well as amazing things you learn and are inspired by that are right under your nose!

People are amazing.  Slow your life down and get to know those around you,  it's pretty eye opening and amazing!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Mother's day

It was a special blessed Mother's day.
I was treated to an amazing kiddo making me breakfast to taste (not really eat because I chew and use what we call my spitoon) of a hashbrown and watermelon outside in the garden,  followed by getting out to church then a adventure to some trails in the delicious smelling cedar trees woods.   My amazing hubby showed his love by pushing a regular wheelchair on very rugged terrain up and down hill.   He sure had his workout today!  Spent time with my mom on that walk too.
I also got to call my beautiful mother-in-law and had a nice visit with her over Skype.  
Not to forget to mention the special Mother's Day greetings I recieved from so many special thoughtful people in my life.
I thank God for such a beautiful day of feeling fairly normal.  
Lots of love to you momma's  and female role models out there.  Lots of love!

Friday, 4 May 2018

What now?

Just being is how I have survived theses days.   Mostly watch the world go by.   It's harder to just be, I'm naturally a doer. I find joy in doing for others and now it is a real challenge and drain just doing for myself.    I can get comfy settled on my couch and become afraid to to things because I will use up too much energy and not have any left for the rest of the day.   I've played around with activity levels and if I play hard I fall into a deep sleep for like 3 hours afterwards.   Most days I'm able to play to some degree  of rest and activity balance that works really well.   The other day was more of a struggle than most days.   Most days I'm able to use the joy and happiness life has to offer. Managing to get outside and enjoy seeing plants grow and watch the world go by and interact with friends or family are all still very present in my life.  
The other day my daughter,  parents and I managed to get to the library followed by a stop at the park,  reading lying in the grass and making Daisie chains.   A glorious afternoon!   The following day I woke up feeling lost and unsure of what I'm able to do.  But by the end of the afternoon my daughter and I were  creating a fancy fairy garden and having a blast doing it!

With medication changes, loving support of family and friends & prayer I am slowly finding my way back to being functional again.   I have been able to see God at work in my life and been able to lean on him,  trust him and realize my purpose is to praise him, trust him and pray and think of those around me.  That my energy can do!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

7th Birthday

This weekend has been a very special weekend.   My daughter turned 7 years old.  

I've been working slowly over the last number of months prepping cake decor,  decorations,  crafts and activities for her party.   I love doing these sorts of projects and for me to participate with it I had to slowly working away at different parts needing to be done.  

Archeology sand blocks were made before Christmas.  Decorations printed and created early in January.   The cake was made a few weeks ago and frozen just needing to add the last minute details the night before.  

I also had amazing helpers with prepping many things.   This week an amazing friend has been in town and I've put her to work with last minute pick ups and set up and clean up.   My sister-in-law also picked up party food and led crafts and activities with the kiddos and clean up.   My hubby helped with my medical things as well as entertaining the kids and playing with them in the snow.  

The party was a success and it meant so much more than just a regular party.   You see it's hard to shake the thought of lasts.  
That quite possibly was the last birthday party I'll throw for my daughter and that made it extra special.   My life expectancy is very uncertain because we have no clue how quickly the cancer is growing and that is quite the challenge.   But, I will continue living life one day at a time and attempting to get every moments of joy out of them!