Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Side Step

I won't call it a step back,  I'll call it a side step.   I have ended up admitted in the hospital this week.   My digestion is so sensitive that I'm pretty sure it was a eating a peeled,  seedless cucumber did this to me.   Note taken - puree,  puree,  puree!

This weekend I was at girl guide camp with my 6 year old daughter. Saturday afternoon I suddenly became quite ill.   Abdominal pain,  nausea,  vomiting,  the works!  I spent the night in Sechelt hospital where I was pumped full of antinausea and pain meds discharged the next day with the understanding that I would go into the Vancouver hospital if things got worse again.   I managed to get across the ferry and then everything went awry again,  so here I am waiting for my intestines to work again and going on day 4 nothing by mouth and only IV fluids.
As much as this sucks I am waiting patiently and enjoying being forced to get some knitting done, many walks around the hospital and visits from the awesome people in my life.   I do however need a better texting plan!
My daughter was excited to go have dinner at the hospital cafeteria,  her fondest memory of my prolonged hospital stay a couple of years ago.
I've taken a step off my track of improvement but hopefully I'll get to step back on it before too long!
Thank you your love and support 😀

Monday, 15 May 2017

Allowing me to LIVE

  I am very thankful that western medicine has gotten me this far.  There is no doubt that I am alive today because of very advanced cancer surgeries and treatments and for that I will be forever grateful!  But in March after 2 visits to emerg since the beginning of the new year for severe abdominal pain and dropping at least 20lbs within 2 months,  I knew something major needed to change.
I had been interested in exploring massage and acupuncture for pain and symptom relief but didn't know where to start.  I ended up asking others for recommendations and did my research to find the resource to open this branch of alternative medicine up to me, a naturopath.  I found a wonderful ND that is passionate about her field but also supportive and understands the importance of western medicine.
I feel like a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to me.  My naturopath referred me to a visceral massage therapist.  The massage of the lining throughout your abdomen.   I have seen this massage therapist 3 times so far and every single time I'm there I have a moment of thinking "this is ridiculous"!  At the start of every session she gets me to close my eyes and rests her hand on my head and at least half the visit seems to be her just lightly resting her hands of my stomach.  She is able to feel the tension in my abdomen and help to loosen it by touching just the right points.  Every time I walk out her door I know that things have improved.
On my second visit with her, she was able to feel that my large intestine was stuck to the back wall of my abdomen(it's supposed to be able to float around).  Through body position and applying pressure at just the right point I was actually able to feel the layers slowly and gently peel apart.  Think of when you get a package of balloons and two of them are stuck together. you peel them apart.  That's what I actually felt happening inside of me.  It was very strange but so amazing at the same time.  Three days after that visit I had to decrease my gabapentin dose (nerve pain meds) because my pain levels had actually improved!
For the past number of months my body lets me know I need more food not by feeling hungry but by feeling exhasted and woozy.   The adhesions do not allow my stomach to digest and empty quickly enough to feel hungry.  Three days ago was my most recent visit with my visceral massage therapist and in the past two days I have at times actually felt hungry!   This morning is the first morning in as long as I can remember that I woke up and wanted to eat because I felt like eating not just by knowing I needed sustenance.
As recommended by my naturopath and approved by my doctors, I continue to take dietary supplements and eat a low insoluble fiber diet and majority of blended foods.  I am hopeful that continuing on this course I will see more improvements.
Western medicine has kept me alive but alternative medicine is teaching me and allowing me to live!