Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Side Step

I won't call it a step back,  I'll call it a side step.   I have ended up admitted in the hospital this week.   My digestion is so sensitive that I'm pretty sure it was a eating a peeled,  seedless cucumber did this to me.   Note taken - puree,  puree,  puree!

This weekend I was at girl guide camp with my 6 year old daughter. Saturday afternoon I suddenly became quite ill.   Abdominal pain,  nausea,  vomiting,  the works!  I spent the night in Sechelt hospital where I was pumped full of antinausea and pain meds discharged the next day with the understanding that I would go into the Vancouver hospital if things got worse again.   I managed to get across the ferry and then everything went awry again,  so here I am waiting for my intestines to work again and going on day 4 nothing by mouth and only IV fluids.
As much as this sucks I am waiting patiently and enjoying being forced to get some knitting done, many walks around the hospital and visits from the awesome people in my life.   I do however need a better texting plan!
My daughter was excited to go have dinner at the hospital cafeteria,  her fondest memory of my prolonged hospital stay a couple of years ago.
I've taken a step off my track of improvement but hopefully I'll get to step back on it before too long!
Thank you your love and support 😀

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